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MSA M7 I-HUD (Heads-Up Display)

Condition: Reconditioned
Pricing: See Below

Sleek design offers 40% weight reduction compared to our external HUD. MSA's I-HUD Receiver is available only with the FireHawk M7 PASS device.

Key Features:

  • Wireless M7 I-HUD Receiver fits inside firefighter's Ultra Elite Face-piece
  • Nearly 40% lighter than external M7 HUD Receiver
  • Placement inside face-piece eliminates snag point
  • Unit automatically awakes and sleeps
  • Wireless magnetic radio transfers actual SCBA data via IEEE 802.11 network
  • Enhanced light pattern for safety and security
  • Displays SCBA cylinder pressure
  • If telemetry-equipped PASS device is used, M7 I-HUD Receiver displays evacuation alarm
  • Red buddy lights in three locations alert other firefighters as to low cylinder pressure
  • Powered by single disposable CR2 lithium battery
  • Low battery condition display; low battery SCBA condition display
  • TEST function button to verify functionality before use
Learn more about the MSA M7 I-HUD here: MSA M7 I-HUD PDF

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