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We know that your industry demands rigorous testing. the highest quality. professional workmanship.

Empire SCBA & Supplies provides reconditioned and refurbished SCBA's (self contained breathing apparatuses), SABA's (supplied air breathing apparatuses), SCBA cylinders and other safety supplies to fire departments and oilfield safety companies all over North America.

Our reconditioned SCBA's and cylinders from the top manufactures which include Scott SCBA, MSA SCBA, Draeger SCBA and Survivair SCBA. We take pride in what we do. With over 30 years combined experience in the safety service and safety product distribution industry, we can get you the products you need at the best possible prices.

Our goal is to provide unrivalled customer service that saves you time and gives you peace of mind, while providing the best quality products.

We believe in building strong and lasting business relationships and offering our clients the best value with no hassle.

We would be very interested in purchasing your used SCBA and SCBA cylinders or applying a trade allowance to our high quality products.

Offering great prices on Scott SCBA products, including a variety of Scott® Air-Paks®, we can help you stay equipped with the industry's best tools.

Sell Your Equpiment

We will purchase your used equipment! Currently we are looking for Scott 2.2 SCBA, aluminum and carbon cylinders. Let Us Know

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