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MSA Quickfill URC/RIC

Condition: Reconditioned
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The Quick-Fill URC system exceeds NFPA's requirement that all SCBA have a Rapid Intervention Crew (RIC) universal air connection (UAC) male fitting for the replenishment of breathing air to the firefighter's SCBA. MSA's system allows the replenishment of a firefighter's SCBA and additionally allows for transfilling from one MSA SCBA to another. The transfilling capability is patented by MSA.

First introduced in 1987, the Quick-Fill System has, proven itself time and again, with an untarnished record of performance. Undoubtedly, the Quick-Fill method of filling cylinders in the field, while they’re worn, is an efficient, viable and proven procedure. It’s a procedure that has become commonplace, changing forever, the way firefighters fight fires.

The Quick-Fill System is one more way that MSA has responded to the needs of the fire services. It’s a product you’ll use with confidence!

Learn more about the MSA Quickfill here: MSA Quickfill PDF

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