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Scott Integrated Pak Alert SE Distress Alarm

Condition: Reconditioned
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The Pak-Alert SE + is a distress alarm system designed to help locate firefighters and industrial SCBA users who become incapacitated and are unable to call for assistance.

The Pak-Alert SE +® alarm’s motion sensor, audible and visual alarms are powered by battery. The Pak-Alert SE + alarm was originally approved for use with Alkaline batteries. Now, either 9-volt Alkaline or 9-volt Ultralife® Lithium batteries may be used. Both types of batteries are user replaceable and approved for use by NIOSH.

In addition, the Pak-Alert SE + alarm may be employed by the SCBA user to signal his or her presence when becoming lost or disoriented during emergency conditions. It is a particularly valuable tool when the user is in a smoke-filled or oxygen-deficient atmosphere and becomes separated from other SCBA users.

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